Lukasz Gadowski

Internet Entrepreneur & Investor

Hallo World!

My name is Lukasz and I'm a Berlin-based entrepreneur and investor, for example Spreadshirt, Team Europe and Deliveryhero.

Nowadays I'm interested in Food "Tech" as well as in, uhm, "real Tech", as in Volocopter or Robot Robots. A Food "Tech" example would be Lemoncat.

Besides doing business, I'm actively doing quite a few other things, like Reiten, Schwimmen, Lesen and more... ;) ok, like readig fiction and non fiction, riding various vehicles (electric unicycles, small aircraft), playing piano, travel the world, am PADI certified (yeah!), drawing (drawright "certiefied!), computer games (the vive is the latest baby), philosophy, world affairs...

My Bio

Born in Poland - Gogolin (ha!), moved to Kassel as a small kid. Studied computer science & business in Paderborn, as well as business in Mannheim and Leipzig.

To get in touch with me, just do. ;)